How to start a successful business

start successful Business

Everybody wants to earn and start a successful business. But they don’t know the secret. We reveal all the secrets of a successful business here.

Many times it’s hard to figure out how you can become a good businessman or what you exactly need for a successful business. Whether you should be an expert in an area of the field, or you must have a lot of money to start a business? Yet this question is a little tricky and confusing, but the answer is simple.

Expert is a trap

You will hear many people saying that you must be an expert to start a business, but it’s genuinely a trap. Not all business people are experts in their fields when they have started their first business. Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg was not an expert when he implemented his idea to connect his group of friends, and later Facebook was launched.

The first step is  “to get started”

Sometimes we have everything, but yet we feel the fear of getting started. This is the fear of failure! According to the Oxford dictionary, an entrepreneur is “a person who sets up a business and takes financial risks in the hope of a future profit”. So, business always involves a factor of risk, which leads to ultimate success or failure. But keep in mind that failures are never forever!

World-famous entrepreneur Richard Branson has failed 15 times in his life, and now, he is a successful businessman with a new worth of US$4.4

Should I quit my job to start a business? 

Many people make a big mistake when they want to start their first business: they quit their job. This mistake could be the reason of a future failure. In fact, everyone has some daily needs, which require regular cashflow to manage these expenses. An appointment is like oxygen, which is necessary for you to breathe till you come out of the cash flow dilemma. Keep doing a job and keep learning a set of skills to start a new business. In today’s world, business nature has been changed a lot. The Internet has introduced a lot of new online businesses, which does not require much money but specialized skills, such as Freelancing. With time to develop skills of writing or designing and graphics, web development, E-commerce, etc. These skills only require time investment and dedication.

Steps to move ahead

You can move forward, step by step, to establish a successful business.

1) Start to learn demanding skills.

Start to explore skills that are necessary and evergreen. Some of the high demand freelancing skills are SEO (Search engine optimization), Content Writing, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Ecommerce stores.

2) Market your skills

Stay motivated, no matter if you face failures at the start. You have excellent skills, but people don’t know it, for this, you have to market your skills. If you are not getting any orders on freelancing platforms, then no worries, move to social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to attract customers. Add people on your profile and post the tips and solutions for the most common problems people are facing around your circle. Offer them free services; once they accustomed to your services, they will pay you for your added value.

3) It’s time to start a formal start of business

Once you’ll build a good profile in a particular field and have a good number of customers or clients and handsome earning, you can quit your job and formally start a business. Slowly and gradually, your business will begin to grow. At this stage, make an agency or hire a team to get more work and handle big projects.

4) Be an Investor

Once you are earning a good income and have a team, you will be more independent to focus on other areas of business. Start to save money and start to invest in different fields of business.

Congratulations, now you are an investor, you don’t need to work by yourself but just to manage the things.

Can I start a successful business along with my job? Can they both go together?

Yes, it is up to you. If you want to truly unlock yourself with more independency with more time, location, and task-independent, then you can quit your job and grow your business. Or, you can hire a team and outsource the work, to keep your job. It may give you two income streams at one time.


To start a successful business, you don’t need typical expertise. Overcome your fears and just start a business by continuing your job. After getting some useful skills, begin to offer free services to attract clients. Make your profile healthy with the pace of time, enhance it by getting more work and an efficient team. You can unlock yourself from the time zone, task, and location by investing. It can be possible only through a successful business.

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