Yerba Mate: The favorite drink of Footballers!

Yerba Mate footballers favorite drink
Yerba Mate footballers favorite drink

Being the national beverage of many South American countries such as Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina, Yerba Mate is a magical tea that gives you much more than just a kick. This infusion is so well recognized for its energizing and stimulating effects that it’s often consumed by many football players just before playing.

Indeed, this healthful drink is said to have some serious benefits!

The healthy properties of mate

Guaraní people first consumed mate “to combat fatigue “, “boost their energy” and “to be in a good mood”. Since then, commission E (scientific committee which evaluated and approved the use of 254 plants), recognized in 1988 that Mate is medically useful for the fight against fatigue. But many other benefits have been observed.

University studies have shown that the Yerba Mate is:

  • A natural stimulant that helps fighting mental and physical fatigue, improve alertness and attention, strengthen memory, and improve cardiac functions. It also participates in lowering cholesterol.

World most famous type of stimulant is “caffeine”. In fact, what is simply called “caffeine” is “Xanthine”, which include caffeine, theine and theobromine.

The caffeine present in coffee has a very rapid and especially physical stimulating action. The theine found in teas has a mental stimulating action. And finally, the theobromine present in chocolate has a much lower stimulating effect.

And guess what? The particularity of mate is to contain a mixture of these 3 types of Xanthine. Its stimulating action is therefore cerebral as well as physical.

The consumption of mate therefore makes it possible to increase one’s vigilance and to fight against falling asleep. The minerals and vitamin B present in the mate also maintain the action of the nervous system and help physical relaxation.

  • naturally very rich in antioxidants, which are responsible for trapping free radicals, responsible for cell aging. For instance, Green tea contains 2701 ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) vs. 5102 ORAC for Yerba Mate.
  • A natural fat burner: Consuming Yerba Mate can help you with weight loss.

Indeed, it’s a thermogenic drink with has a digestive action, regulates appetite and helps to burn fat.

This effect comes from the great combination of Ephedrine and caffeine. A historical study carried out on 44 people suffering from obesity has shown that the preparation composed of mate increases the feeling of satiety. Mate is a natural appetite stabilizer. It helps digestion and regulation of intestinal function, and its diuretic properties facilitate the elimination of toxins and contribute to weight loss.

A very popular drink among Footballers

Seeing footballers getting off from the team bus with a wooden calabash in hand and a thermos under their arms has become a habit in recent years. heir little pleasure? Mate, of course. These players have a little secret: they drink mate just before playing, which would give them energy for the match.

Indeed, this beverage invited itself into both locker rooms and around football pitches, thanks to ambassadors such as Luis Suárez or Lionel Messi, and even more surprising: the Frenchman Antoine Griezmann!

It is thanks to his South American teammates that the French world champion discovered mate, when he was at Real Sociedad, his former club in Spain

“Carlos Bueno and Pablo Balbi, our physical trainer, introduced him to mate. Before training and before games, Antoine started drinking mate even though he had never been to Uruguay.”

Martin Lasarte, Antoine’s former coach at Real Sociedad

At PSG, Angel Di Maria, Edinson Cavani, Presnel Kimpembe or Alphonse Areola do not travel without their calabash, explained the French newspaper “Le Parisien”. Paul Pogba admitted to also being a fan of this drink.

It is so essential for the Uruguayan team that it has landed with 180 kg of mate in Russia for the 2018 World Cup!

Mate is not only a fashion or a drink that boosts performance. It’s also a convivial drink that allows you to spend a moment of sharing in a group. According to tradition, the one who makes the mate must share it with the others around him. What better way to strengthen the team spirit between teammates, club, or national team?