Hidden passions: The journey of a fashion designer


Chaimae RAZOUK is a 26 year old fashion designer freelancer who decided to rebel against society’s never-ending demands to pursue her dream.
The journey was not easy but Chaimae fought the ups and downs of life to become the person she is now.

Life is about choices.

I have always been indecisive when it comes to my career, but one thing I am sure of is my passion and dedication to fashion. When I was 7 years old, I used to pick up scraps and leftovers from my mom’s dresses and sew mini dresses for my dolls.
From off the shoulder minis to long skirts, it has always been an activity that helped reduce my stress. Until now, it is a way for me to unplug from this overly connected world. It is also a sort of therapy as it helps me channel my thoughts, fears, or sadness into my work.
Before I seriously chose fashion, I graduated with a Masters in media, art and culture, but then I took the decision to change paths.

In a family full of academics, fashion was never a serious endeavour. “You have been studying all these years to become a tailor?” is what my family used to tell me. My passion was never taken seriously and it still is not. The whole world thinks of fashion as something not that serious.

You’re not saving lives, you’re not a thinker that can help out the society to be better, and you are not an inventor either. What do you bring to this world?

People can live with a simple tee and jeans; there is no need for constant newness in that field. It should not take an important place in the world, it is shallow, it is not an art, and so on… People are dismissive of fashion; they consider it to be frivolous and superficial. As an artform, it has the ability to show one’s individuality and identity. We use clothes to express our beliefs, mood, and personality. Fashion has never been indifferent to what is happening in the world. Fun fact: the themes distributed to the high-end brands are always related to the social, economic and political happenings. It is also a serious business; a source of income for a large number of people around the world.

Eventually, I have learnt to ignore other people’s opinions.

Above all, fashion is about personal expression and individual voices. It is an endeavour that encourages unconventionality and originality, which can be achieved through being your own self.” – Chaimae RAZOUK

Life is hard and society makes it harder but we should not give up on our dreams just to please other people. Fashion designer or not, live your life as you see fit, because at the end of the day no one is going to live it in your stead.

A special thanks to Chaimae who accepted to share her personal story with us.
If you are interested in fashion and design, you can follow Chaimae’s Instagram and send her your questions directly.

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    • We need more people like Chaimae, who challenge what is considered important (& what isn’t) in a society like ours. We’re not all the same, it still doesn’t mean that one’s purpose is less important than another’s. Thank you for sharing her story.