Hamid Ayouch, an EDHEC Business School graduate and the founder of Easykours, explains to us through this article how students can get better at mathematics. "I am not born to do maths”, “I am not a maths' person”, “I will...

Ideas Growth

Contributors make Ideas Growth live and evolve by providing new and interesting content. In order to encourage them to produce quality content, ideas growth takes it upon itself to reward its contributors for their hard work.

We provide them the tool, the technical assistance and the exposure to share and grow their community.

If you choose, you can get paid for your writing when people read your stories

Once you register, your account gets automatically credited by 10 Euros.

You will be able to withdraw your account credits as soon as your earnings reach 40 Euros.


1 - How can I start writing on Ideas Growth?

First, you create your account for free by Create Account

Then, you click on “Add new content” and start writing

Each end of the month you will receive a summary of your articles’ performances

2 - How can I make money writing on Ideas Growth?

Once you register, your account gets automatically credited by 10 euros.

You can earn more money based on how many people read your article and how much time they spend reading it as well as the popularity of it (Likes, shares, comments...)

Note: before each article is published it will be checked to avoid chocking content and plagiarism

3 - How can I grow my audience?

To grow your audience (thus your revenues), the quality of the articles is key. Furthermore, you can use social media to promote your articles and bring more people to read it

4 - How can I keep an eye on my articles’ performances ?

In addition to the stats you get by the end of each month (average time spent on the article by the reader and how much money earned from it), on your user dashboard, you can see, for each article, how many views it got

5 - Who can read the articles published on Ideas Growth?

All internet users have access to your articles