Gold is shining against Coronavirus and the world has taken notice of that. This metal gained traction soon after the COVID19 crisis started. Gold has never been so popular. The price of...
A reasonable cost of living, generous tax benefits and property prices that are collapsing in some cities… In a few months, Portugal should once again have all the assets to attract private investments.The timing seems paradoxical, given...
Best Crowd lending Platforms : The increasing proliferation of crowdlending platforms does not simplify the choice, you will find below the list of the top 3 crowdlending platforms
For the moment, it’s pretty hard to compare what is happening in the United States today and the NIKKEI 1990, Japanese crisis of the 1990s. This financial crisis led to one of the greatest deflationary crises in...
tZERO Coin is a new revolution. The market is going to change forever. For years, investments in stock markets have been exclusively reserved for professionals and brokers. The reality was...
Tesla Nikola! the full circle. Who would have thought Tesla is has been, buy Nikola Americans are in love with big-screen movies. History is rewritten every day, and heroes of yesterday are chased by...
Are the markets wrong since the beginning of the crisis? Why is that most of the time the stock market rise when the economy is down? Let us analyze Since their...
Cannabis equity investors suffered in 2019, the sector's difficulties were reflected in the exchange-listed Horizons Index Marijuana Life Sciences ETF (HMMJ), which posted a year-to-date decline of around 35% as of December 31, 2019. We will look...
Closed working sites, empty open-plan office, no new properties on sale. After being a health crisis spreading across the world, the corona virus pandemic continues to hit the economy, we will discuss the corona virus...
Yesterday my friend asked me that can cryptocurrency replace the traditional currencies? And I had no exact answer. I never thought about cryptocurrency from that point of view. Recent popularisation and adoption of...

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